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5 Bengkoang Benefits for Health and Beauty

5 Bengkoang Benefits for Health and Beauty

Bengkoang are included in a group of tubers, but it has a taste that much different with the tubers in General. This fruit contains water that makes it feel fresh when eaten. Not just for eating, this fruit has its benefits for beauty.

Bengkoang is a fruit that is widely used as a basic ingredient for beauty products. Fruit bengkoang besides it tastes fresh and delicious, it also includes fruit bengkoang containing plenty of moisture content so that the fruit will provide refreshment for the benefits of consumption.

Fruit bengkoang contains many good benefits to health and beauty. In addition fruit bengkoang too many benefits for skin health and beauty of the face. Vitamin C in fruit bengkoang will make the skin healthy. Bengkoang fruits growing in tropical areas like Indonesia because this plant is easy to grow and bear fruit in tropical areas.

5 Bengkoang Benefits for Health and Beauty

1. Brighten the Skin

Fruit bengkoang have content that can be used for beauty. This content is believed to be able to lighten the skin by removing smudges of dark or dull stains on the face. Therefore, the benefits to the face to make it more bright bengkoang.

2. Prevent Premature Aging

Bengkoang contains vitamin C which can be useful for health. But not only that, it turns out that Vitamin C can also be beneficial for preventing premature aging. This can be obtained by using the mask bengkoang night. Do this on a regular basis so that it can protect our skin from free radicals.

3. Treat Skin Looks Healthy

Bengkoang contain enough nutrients are combined in water. Vitamin B and vitamin C is in between. This vitamin can make the skin look more healthy and fresh. This benefit can be obtained from the use of masks at night or else bengkoang by way of direct mengonsumsinya and can also be made of the juice.

4. Get Rid of Acne

In addition to health, bengkoang is also believed to be beneficial for beauty. It has been known since ancient times and the secret of the Queen of the Kingdom. One of the benefits derived from this fruit was able to get rid of acne. Acne is something that is very in to fear by all people, especially women. With bengkoang, can help you to prevent even eliminates acne on the face.

5. Cool the Skin of the Face

Exposure to sun-exposed faces can cause facial skin feels hot and dry. You can use mask bengkoang to cool the skin face. Anti-inflammatory elements that exist in the face of the water cooling capable bengkoang so natural and healthy face fresh and moist.

5 Wonderful Benefits Of Honey You Have Not Heard Before

5 Wonderful Benefits Of Honey You Have Not Heard Before

Community use honey to treat coughs, allergies, diarrhea, and even asthma. Not only that, some people also often make use of honey to overcome skin issues, such as overcoming acne, reduce itching, and heal wounds.

Honey consists of some content, such as water, carbohydrates, vitamins such as vitamin B and C, the natural minerals such as calcium, iron, and sodium.

Honey is a substance that is rich in benefits for the health of the body, in addition to the health benefits turned out honey for face and lips have also been popular among the people. Have a healthy and smooth facial skin is indeed the dream of all people especially for every woman, is one of the ways to take care of facial skin and lips using honey.

If you are interested in wearing the honey, you should know the benefits of the honey if it is considered medical. Then what is the use of this fluid? Here are some of the benefits of honey as you can get.

5 Wonderful Benefits Of Honey You Have Not Heard Before

1. Treating Cough

Few studies mention the sweet taste of honey can trigger the appearance of the production of saliva and mucus. Conditions of this kind can help moisturize the throat section, to relieve cough.

Eat honey before bed can help overcome the dry cough and phlegm so naturally, it's good for adults or children older than two years. Efficacy of honey this one it seems can be likened to cough medicine containing dextromethophan.

2. Accelerate Wound Healing

You're hurt? You can apply honey processed or cream containing honey to speed up the healing process. Content of nutrient elements in honey can accelerate wound healing by reducing pain, reduce infection, pus, and reducing odors in wounds.

3. Preventing Diabetes

There has been a lot of research proving the benefits of honey for diabetes. According to some research, the content of compounds in honey can lower blood sugar levels. Efficacy of honey is very important, do you suffer from diabetes or who have not been stricken.

Although it tastes sweet, but honey is proven to not cause increased blood sugar levels. Thus the content in it to help lower blood sugar levels. Therefore, don't miss honey every day.

4. Treat Thrush

Canker sores can appear because of the heat, be bitten, and lack of vitamin c. honey have properties that can help prevent the moist lips from dryness. This is what makes nutritious enough honey to treat stomach ulcers, canker sores, chapped lips.

5. Increase the Stamina of the Body

Honey contains a variety of lots of nutrients needed by the body. A fairly high glukosanya content that can help increase the stamina of the body quickly. Benefits of honey this is already evidenced by the athletes who run. Many athletes eat honey with the goal of keeping a strong Sprint to the finish line. Therefore, if you are often excited konsumsilah honey on a regular basis.

Friday, February 17, 2017

5 Amazing Benefits of Salak (Snake Fruit) For Body Healthy

5 Amazing Benefits of Salak (Snake Fruit) For Body Healthy

Salak fruit into one that is recommended for consumption. The many benefits of salak fruit is good for health. We will examine together for added insights that may be useful for all of us, here are a number of benefits of salak fruit contained therein.

Salak fruit which is ripe, usually have a wide variety of flavors such as sweet, sour, and there is also a little bit of Osphronemidae. Despite growing up in the tropics, it turns out this great demand salak fruit by the European Community and the United States. The European Community and the United States call salak as snake fruit, because the scales a snake. Here is the content and usability of the salak fruit.

 5 Amazing Benefits of Salak (Snake Fruit) For Body Healthy 

1. Increase the intelligence of the brain

The research also revealed that the salak diklam was able to increase performance of the brain due to the womb pottasium and pectin. Pottasium used by the autonomic nervous system, which controls heart rate, improving brain function, and enhance the function of the physiology of another. Brdasarkan the results of the study published the journal "Intregative therapy centre" salak content in the form of pectin may prevent and treat prostate cancer.

2. The Antioxidant Agent

We certainly know that antioxidants are very beneficial for our body, antioxidants that are beneficial to prevent various diseases and free radicals. In addition to the natural compounds found in the salak is also effective to address the risk of heart disease and cancer in the fetus or the mother is pregnant.

3. Prevent Disease Anemia

Salak fruit is also beneficial to overcome anemia, this is because the content of Thiamine and benefits of iron is excellent for helping the health of pregnant women. Iron became one of the important actors in producing red blood cells. Pregnant women need red blood cells is higher because it is used to provide oxygen through the placenta on fetal. Lack of oxygen would be very dangerous to the life of the fetus and the pregnant woman.

4. Maintaining Bone Health

Salak fruit also contain beneficial calcium to maintain bone health, specifically for pregnant women, salak is helpful to form a network of fetal bone framework. In addition, calcium is also needed by expectant mothers to prepare for a body in the birth. Salak benefits for pregnant women contains calcium which helps donate daily calcium needs. In addition, salak fruit is also important to help pregnant women to have a healthy and strong stamina.

5. Maintain Eye Health

Salak fruit contain betakaroten is effective to maintain and preserve the health of the eyes. The study States that the content of salak fruit betakaroten 5.5 times larger than mangoes, and 5 times greater than watermelon. If you are bored with carrot juice, then Juice Salak could be your alternative in maintaining the health of your eyes.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

10 Benefits of Papaya for Health Body

10 Benefits of Papaya for Health Body 

 Papaya is one of the vegetables that were taken from the leaves of plants or fruit trees. The people of Indonesia who eats papaya leaves as leaf vegetables or cooked in a way that is prepared as food that accompanies the rice and side dishes as well.

Papaya leaves have different flavors with fruit that is bitter. But it tasted bitter not restrict Indonesia society to eat papaya leaves. Even if you can offer it, then the leaves will not be too bitter.

Behind the bitter taste of papaya leaves, apparently saving millions of taste and also the many benefits to the body. The plant originates from Mexico it can grow to a height of 30 meters.

10 Benefits of Papaya for Health Body

1. Anti Cancer

According to a study conducted by the journal of Ethnopharmacology, juice of papaya leaves contain certain enzymes which have the properties against various tumors such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer and cancer of the pancreas without toxic effects on the body against cancer.

2. Inhibits Bacteria

As is often the cause of a disease microorganism, it turns out that bacteria can be prevented by using papaya leaves. Karpainnya compound can inhibit bacterial, fungal, and parasitic worms, not to enter and affect various tissues of the body. This makes the papaya leaves are often used as a herbal remedy for bacteria. Papaya leaves can be effective to inhibit the development of bacteria that are sometimes easily contagious.

3. Improve the Immunity Of the Body

Other benefits of papaya leaf juice is its ability to resist viral infections such as the flu virus. Papaya leaves will naturally regenerate white blood cells and platelets. Papaya leaves contain over 50 ingredients including vitamins A, C and E that support the immune system.

4. Protect the Intestines

Intestines including parts that are particularly susceptible to the disease. So you might be a little worried, how to protect the gut and keep your food intake. It turns out that papaya leaves can protect the colon and removes the worm in the lining of the intestinal wall. This is because conatins tannin is beneficial to expel worms.

5. Prevention of dengue fever

Dengue Dengue is a deadly disease caused by the dengue virus is transmitted by the Aedes Mosquito. The disease can be fatal, but so far there are certain medications have been formulated for this disease. Pain relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen have side effects.

6. Can overcome the Typhus

In addition to using the extract of worms, you can make use of typhoid papaya leaves as an effective herbal remedy for you. in General, the content of substances such as tannins, karpain, and antibakterinya can also reduce typhoid caused by bacteria is tifosa, and also reduces the symptoms of incriminating sufferers. Such as fever, diarrhea, ulcers, and more.

7. Help the enlarged prostate disease

Papaya leaves can help those of you who experience problems of benign prostate enlargement, moreover these leaves can also help menggurangi a range of related problems such as enlarged prostate problems anal lesions.

8. Regenerating Blood Cells

Blood cells are part of the body that must have normal levels. For those of you who have blood cells or platelets are weak or excess must then be packed papaya leaves. 50 material and various including A, vitamin C and E which can protect the body.

9. Papaya Leaves can Overcome Acne

You may have heard that papaya leaf can treat stubborn acne. Try it, it will be very effective for those of you who are experiencing acne problems.

10. Emphysema

Emphysema is one of pulmonary disease. Although it is rare that have this disease, but it is quite annoying because it involves one of the vital organs i.e. the lungs. Emphysema can be avoided and treated with papaya leaves. Boil these leaves and drinking regularly, her vitamin D can be used to eliminate or alleviate the emphysema suffered by you.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

10 Wonderful Benefits of Banana

10 Wonderful Benefits of Banana 

The banana is a fruit that is often found in Indonesia. Banana fruit easily reach all places and with a relatively affordable price. Banana fruit suitable as a dessert. Consuming bananas routinely turns out the many benefits of bananas for a healthy body.

The health benefits that can be gained from consuming bananas include lowering the risk of cancer, asthma, lower blood pressure and improve heart health. Details of nutrition medium banana (126 g) is considered a serving. One serving of bananas contains 110 calories, 30 grams protein, 1 gram carbohydrate. In addition, bananas provide a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Banana fruit consumed by pregnant women to help grow flowers of the fetus. This is because bananas contain nutrients such as potassium and folic acid, too. Bananas helps the body to store reserves of calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen, which serves to build the repair and regeneration of tissue in the body.

10 Wonderful Benefits of Banana

1. launch the blood circulation.
Bananas contain potassium is good for the blood circulation. Potassium content helps to regulate blood pressure. Press stroke risks that cause symptoms of heart disease.

2. Source of energy.
The content of carbohydrates contained in bananas can be a source of energy for the body. Consumes 2 bananas a day, can boost the immune system and adds energy to perform daily activities.

3. Help digestion in the intestine.
 The fiber contained in bananas is very good to reduce the risk of constipation. No need to use a laxative, fruit consumption of bananas. Mix the bananas with a glass of milk, helps to reduce the risk of bowel disease as dangerous damaging symptoms of colon cancer. Bananas used to fight inflammation because the process can be accelerated with vitamin c in fruit bananas.

4. Maintain Eye Health.
Benefits of banana helps maintain eye health. Bananas have a number of vitamin A is fat-soluble and is very important to protect your eyes. Maintain the membrane that surrounds the eye and is a component of one of the proteins that brings light into the cornea. Sufficient vitamin A intake also reduces the risk of blindness and is very important for vision everyday.

5. Lose Weight.
Benefits of banana fruit to lose weight. For those who have problems with weight, then with the terms routinely consume bananas to help lose weight. This is because, bananas have calories is relatively small.

6. Improve brain health.
By eating regularly and as much as 3 times a day as a dessert.

7. Normalize Liver Function.
Consuming bananas before breakfast every day, will add to the nutrients that the body supports liver function. Banana has a lot of minerals called electrolytes potassium. When potassium gets into the body, it will go directly into the bloodstream through the walls of the intestine. Potassium run around the cells throughout the body and dissolve in the fluid of the cell.

8. Treat Acne.
How to use banana fruit to treat acne, first mash banana flesh of the fruit is ripe. And then apply it on the face skin acne. Let it stick to the face for a few minutes and then clean using water. Repeat this step for several days until the pimple is gone and the skin becomes clean.

9. Addressing Diabetes.
For people who suffer from diabetes, by consuming the banana region of Gorontalo i.e. goroho steamed and mixed with grated young coconut can be used as additional food for diabetics.

10. Healthy Bones.
Bananas consume on a regular basis can serve to help nourish the bone. This is because the fruit, the banana is a fruit that has a high manganese content.