Tuesday, November 22, 2016

3 Easy Ways to Whiten Skin Naturally


3 Easy Ways to Whiten Skin Naturally

Many ways that can be done to get the white faces and bright. Ranging from traditional treatment to treatments using products – beauty products, such as cream bleach. However, if you are currently awarded with less clean skin or dark, you do not need to be discouraged. Because on this occasion I would like to share knowledge on you all on how to whiten skin naturally.

Below are a variety of ways to whiten skin naturally that could produce more maximum when done regularly. Certainly the level of whiteness of the skin can be achieved also adjust the base color of your skin.

3 Easy Ways to Whiten Skin Naturally

1. Orange Peel

Orange peel contains more Vitamin C than the flesh of the fruit. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that plays an important role in repairing skin damage caused by free radicals.

Vitamin C in oranges are also a natural bleaching agent that can eliminate the opaque due to exposure to sunlight.

2. Aloe Vera

Use gel or Aloe Vera organic slime 2 times a day (morning and night) after cleaning the skin. Aloe Vera serves as moisturize the skin, heal wounds or irritation of the skin, and brighten the skin because it is rich in vitamins.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is a natural ingredient that is no doubt its usefulness in terms of caring as well as brighten your face skin. Vitamin B5 contained in yogurt is beneficial to obscure black spots due to Acne and also plays a role in illuminating the skin of your face.

Not only that, lactic acid and calcium contained in yogurt are instrumental in your facial moisturize the skin and keeping it healthy and well maintained.

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