Wednesday, November 23, 2016

3 How to Quickly Clean Your Toenails Black and Dirty


3 How to Quickly Clean Your Toenails Black and Dirty

Nails that grow in humans is the growth of such cells that have similarities to the dead soft gel, which then hardens and becomes a nail. Well it nails the hand nor the foot nails. The toenails are usually becomes the spotlight of other people especially if you women when using the high heels. When wearing high heels toenails will really look, and if the nail you have does not have the care will be seen directly. A dirty toenails will make the appearance of the foot is not in view. Therefore you have to clean that dirty toenails and black regularly and properly.

3 How to Quickly Clean Your Toenails Black and Dirty

1. Use Hand Scrubs Every Day

Friends, Clean the dead skin on hands and feet caring rituals is one beauty that cannot be missed. COBA deh you use special hand scrub that you can buy at the supermarket. Use a scrub twice a week for maximum results.

2. Do not cut the skin around the nail

Errors during which unknowingly done by women in performing care manicure pedicure itself was cut hard skin around the nail cuticle also area. In fact, it is precisely to make the nails as well as the surrounding skin becomes sore. That's right, the cuticle is not thrown away but rather being driven towards the inside.

3. Don't Forget, Take Care Of The Nails Before Bed

When going to bed, nail and skin do the absorption maximum. Therefore, it is better to use polishing cream and booster nails before bed. This will be the nail gets enough nutrients intake.

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