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3 Ways to Remove Panda Eyes Naturally


3 Ways to Remove Panda Eyes Naturally

The SAC of the eye or often referred to as the Panda's eyes are dark circles on the skin around the eyes. SAC's own eyes will appear if someone is the lack of sleep or live too much, so that the face will look dull and tired. For some people this may not be a problem, but for those of you who are very mindful of appearances, this will definitely be very annoying, as it can worsen your appearance. As a result you will feel less confident when meeting with others. In order to remove the SAC of the eye, sometimes there is also someone who is willing to perform the operation the SAC of the eye.

Many people think that the SAC of the eye will only appear when the age of aging. But in fact, young people may be experiencing this problem. SACS at the bottom of the eye usually appear because it reduces the elasticity of the skin in these areas and are caused by other factors, notably the lack of rest or sleep enough.

The Cause of The Onset of Eye Pouch

Able to prevent and remove the SAC of the eye, we must first know what things could be the cause.

Based on the article Mediskus blog read mimin, there are several causes of the SAC of the eye, which is as follows:

- Lack of sleep
- Dehydration
- Genetic factors or descent
- Aging
- Rubbing and scratching of the eye
- Smoke
- Crying
- Sun exposure
- Too many see the screen of the monitor
- Drinking alcohol
- Menstruation
- Allergies and colds

3 Ways to Remove Panda Eyes Naturally

3 Ways to Remove Panda Eyes Naturally
1. Compress the eye with a spoon
It may compress the eye with a spoon before but never thought in your mind.

But here is a fact that turns out hehe, spoon also to remove the SAC of the eye. Wah mimin just kidding ya?

Don't be serious mimin kok, you can reduce dark circles in the eyes by using a spoon.

How to treat eye pouch with a spoon:

- Input 5-10 scoops into the fridge
- Wait until the spoon is really cool
- Then attach the curved part of the spoon in the area spy pouch
- Do it for 10-15 minutes
2. Compress the eye with bengkoang

In the world of beauty, bengkoang have historically believed to whiten and preserve the health of kulut.

Even the company that makes it as the raw material manufacture of beauty products. Because bengkoang contains Vitamin C and B1 that can reduce and eliminate kantungmata.

For use is not much different from the way that you have described above.
How to remove panda eyes with bengkoang:

- Peel bengkoang
- Clean wash
- Puree with blender or grated
- Foundation for makers of Panda in the SAC
- Let sit for 10-15 minutes
- Rinse with cold water until completely clean 

3. Compresses the eyes with cucumber

In addition to the uses mentioned above, we can also heal the eyes of Panda by way of mengopres eye with fruit juice or cucumber.

Cucumbers contain Ascorbic acid, vitamin C and caffeic acids are one of the benefits that can be mengobat irritation and swelling of the skin, including skin swelling due to the SAC.

How to remove eye pouch with cucumber:

provides clean washed cucumber
cut into small pieces/thin.
Paste leather swellings on both de around the eyes

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