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How to Care For Hair Quickly and Naturally


How to Care For Hair Quickly and Naturally

For a woman to have hair that is healthy and shiny gives more confidence in every penampilanya. Lately a lot of offers from beauty salon for hair care. This makes most of the women are interested to try it. Instead of wanting to do hair care, but the results obtained do not like hope. At least in the salon hair care make hair that was previously healthy and shiny become dull as it is also not maintained. But we can do it at home with natural ingredients.

However different if they have dry and damaged hair. The ends of the hair are branched, looks dull, shaped megar, can ruin the mood. Do not let dry and damaged hair constantly disturb your appearance. What is hair care in the salon that is actually not a problem. However, the use of materials that contain chemicals and hair care appliances such as blow dryer too long make our hair fragile is easy.

Causes For Dry and Damaged Hair

Dry hair can appear due to a decrease in moisture to the hair. There are two factors that could be the cause. First, the scalp can not produce enough oil, so that the hair is dry. This can be caused because of the age factor. A more mature person, the hair will be producing oil.

How to Care For Hair Quickly and Naturally

How to Care For Hair Quickly and Naturally

1. Aloe Vera & Avocado

How to care for hair that first is you can make your own shampoo from natural ingredients. Such as Aloe Vera and avocado. In a previous article, we have given You discuss how to use the Aloe Vera and avocado for hair loss, how to resolve in the second article of this material you can make as a hair mask. In the same way as in the previous article, i.e. take the crocodile meat with avocado and mash the fruit, and then apply it on the hair. Such as placing a regular shampooing. Lakuan treatment for maximum results by as much as 2-3 weeks.

2. Wash Your Hair Two Days Once

Many people consider often washing your hair will make it look healthy and shiny, but not so. Instead wash your hair too often can remove the natural oils your scalp that results in dry hair. Some experts suggested the iconic hair care to wash your hair at least once in two days, especially if you have dry hair. But if you want to maintain the freshness of the hair, You can actually wash their hair every day, as long as the intermittent diselang using shampoo and conditioner.

3. Lemon Juice

Maybe some of you love to make or buy lemon juice for consumption, but do you know? Other than that it is good for our body, lemon juice is also good for our hair care. You can use lemon juice to it can make hair dull. Here is how after making the last rinse while the little shampoo, lemon juice application on your hair let it sit about 5-10 minutes Rinse hair clean until you return. That's how to care for hair with lemon juice.

4. Cut the Ends of the Section of Hair

Dry hair that is already severe usually resulted in the emergence of the branch. Actually used to share how to resolve which one branched cutting hair. However, cutting hair branching should not be random. Cut the ends of the hair you have to do at the salon. Why? Because salon has a special cut tools that have a level of sharpness in accordance with the texture of the hair. Cutting hair with blunt scissors (acumen does not match) will worsen the condition of the hair branching.

5. Almond Oil

Hair that is dry and dull hair can make you easy brittle. To fix this, you can use almond oil as a way to care for your hair dry and dull. You can make use of Almond oil as a hair vitamin. The trick is very simple, pour the almond oil into the bowl after pre-heat about 40 minutes and then apply it to your hair evenly. Let stand for 15-30 minutes the next step you can Rinse the hair. Use a shampoo and conditoner that you can do.

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