Saturday, December 3, 2016

How to Clean Your Dick Properly


How to Clean Your Dick Properly

Most people surely know that humans are not very attentive to health and hygiene of their body. Although the Agency tends to be exposed to a wide variety of impurities both from inside and outside. Not to mention with the folds of the body that need more attention on contrived clean because dirt such as hiding in it, as well as with the penis.

The penis is also one of the vital organs that must always be clean. Always keep the hygiene of the penis will not only will benefit the people, but also his wife. But in fact, many people are less attentive to the cleanliness of his Dick and this can trigger a serious health risk.

The dirt of the penis usually often arises due to dust or it could just be because of sweat. A lot of people who are easily pulled out a sweat so that at the end of their penises into easy to dirty.

How to Clean Your Dick Properly

Use warm water to clean the base of your cock first and then drag it to the tip of the penis. Not only did this once, but do it a few times until you clean the penis with a total. Don't forget to clean Your testicles, sweat and hair is not blended to produce odors if not cleaned properly.

Clean the penis with SOAP is highly recommended. But using a SOAP that is not too hard as this may result in damage to the pH of the genitals. Time the penis clean with SOAP, do not forget to clean side of the groin and testicle.

Maintain the cleanliness of your clothes. Please change your clothes, at least twice a day after showering, to avoid mold and bacteria that originated from the attire that attached to the penis. Dirty panties that indeed should be replaced immediately as this will cause your penis to dirty easy. Plus more, dirty penis will also endanger health as described above.

Except for hygiene, aware of the scent of your penis. When is the foul-smelling, perhaps the middle of your penis is infected with bacteria. The reason you must diligently clean Your Dick.

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