Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to Clean Your Eyes so Clear and Healthy


How to Clean Your Eyes so Clear and Healthy

Talk about eye health and beauty treatment, then we need to do this we can use natural ingredients that are inexpensive and easy to get around us, but before we do that, it's good we also know some of the problems in the eyes and cause so that later we can do prevention and treatment that we have done is not wasted.

How to Clean Your Eyes so Clear and Healthy
If you've been wearing natural words of course materials used ingredients that are derived from natural plant or plants that are not hard to come by. By doing So, of course, means we have been able to resolve our own problems. And we don't have to pay a huge cost for caring for the eyes. For your eyes are still white no harm trying. Trying to prevent. Because preventing is better than cure.

The problem is not just the yellow eyes caused due to disease of hepatitis or jaundice, but could also be caused due to other things, certainly not fun having a yellowish eye color because people may think we're sick or unhealthy, it needs to be in the know yellowish eye color can be caused due to several issues, namely the following :

- Because of excessive stress
- Lack of sleep
- Tired eyes resulting from too long in front of the monitor screen, or play gadgets
- The eyes are exposed to smoke
- Unhealthy life patterns such as smoking, and consume alcohol

How to Clean Your Eyes so Clear and Healthy

1. Betel Leaf

The betel leaf is the leaf has many benefits. For example, to eliminate bad breath and body. Not unexpectedly, the betel leaf also has a function to whiten the eyes that were no longer white/dirty. The traditional way is already believed to be able to cleanse the mta. The trick, take a handful of betel leaf. Clean, wash and then boiled. Let stand until cool. Then pour the boiled water into a container. Squirt the water decoction of kemata you. Or rendamlah your eyes in the water decoction of betel regularly. Do this twice a day i.e. morning and night.

2. Clean the Eye with Potato Cucumber Juice

The the second way is to use a cucumber juice and potatoes, first prepare the cucumbers and potatoes for flavor, and then clean up and input into a blender to puree, don't forget to give a bit of water so that the dough is not too thick juice. Take two pieces of cotton wadding, then dip each cucumber juice in potatoes, and kompreskan in the eyes of the eyes. Let stand for a few minutes when you will feel the effects of the cold and fresh eyes, eyelid after finished cotton last your eyelids and flush with clean water. Do your eyes regularly right became clear and healthy.

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