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How to Whiten the Neck Naturally


How to Whiten the Neck Naturally

The neck is the part of the body that is most often overlooked treatment because most people focus more to cure and whiten the skin their faces so their skin then unwittingly into a striped White and uneven. It is of course very disturbing your appearance because of the facial skin that is useless if white but black neck and looks not groomed.

Black neck skin is indeed not something dangerous diseases but as has been explained above that this will interfere with your appearance and make you become less attractive in the eyes of men. Well, so that in addition to having to treat skin face we also noticed skin care neck.

Here below there are some ways to whiten natural black neck so you don't have to bother to buy a skin Whitener product that is worth millions.

Many people have experienced this feeling less comfortable with the back of their necks. This is a fairly common skin disorder called acanthosis nigricans. However please note that this is not an infection and is not contagious, is more or less the same as acne, not dangerous just embarrass.

The Cause of the Back of the Neck in Black

Increasing age and the Sun being the main cause of skin color on the back of the neck are dark. Other causes are diabetes, genetic disorders, perliaku everyday which are not clean and also increases or decreases the weight suddenly. This condition can cope with cleaned, thrown out and moistened the environment using a variety of natural materials or traditional.

Symptoms will usually appear blackish or dark color and thickening of the skin on the back of the neck or nape, like a scale build up. For some rare cases a little itching usually will be felt in the area. The color change will happen gradually for months and will spread in a few years. Here's how to remove the back of the neck with the traditional black you can try it yourself at home, and returned to its original condition that are smooth and clean.

How to Whiten the Neck Naturally

How to Whiten the Neck Naturally

1. Yogurt

If you run out of lotion or Aloe Vera difficulty, try opening the fridge and grab a cup of plain yogurt.

According to Dr. Mary Lupo, an expert in dermatology from New Orleans, the skin exposed to the Sun can also be addressed with milk or yogurt.

Make sure the yogurt to be used is the fat-free yogurt and plain. Applying cold to the skin or yogurt face burning, let a few moments. Benefits of yogurt for skin burns gives the sensation of cold at the same time to heal.

2. Potato

Enzymes in the potato catecholase able to whiten dark skin the back of the neck. Contains vitamin C in large quantities makes potatoes are able to whiten and smooth skin.

- Grated potato or a blender until smooth, then apply on the neck. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.
- Another way again, a mixture of lemon juice and potatoes are mixed together and then brush on the problematic skin. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse with clean water. Do every day for best results. This herb can also be used to remove any flecks of black spots, or black eye bags as well as acne scars.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil

Olive oil helps moisturize the skin and take care of him, which was why the oil was one of the ingredients for beauty care at home that you can try. Mix the olive oil and lemon juice, apply on the neck that is blackened. Leave it on for about 20 minutes to reduce the colors of the dark (album) on the neck.

That's the way to whiten natural neck and quickly that you can try at home. Please share in this useful and help you get more from others who know this information.

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