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The Benefits of Chili for Health


The Benefits of Chili for Health

Chili is one commodity that many cultivated vegetable farmers in Indonesia because it has a high selling price and has many health benefits one of which is capsaicin substance which serves to control the cancer. In addition to vitamin C is high enough on the daily chilli can meet everyone's needs, but should be consumed sparingly to avoid gastric pains.

Commonly known as spice in spicy Chili taste your fans. Pepper plants are found in every home. This is because the chili plant is fairly easy to grow and do not require a lot of space. Chili of course as one of the natural ingredients that produce a red color and spicy flavors in the dish. Although chili is often associated with gastric disorders, but actually save chili very useful benefits for the body.

Chili peppers contain a variety of compounds that are beneficial to human health. Chili contains antioxidants that serves to keep the body from free radical attack. The largest is the content of antioxidants in green chili. Also contains Lasparaginase and Chili Peppers is Capsaicin which act as anticancer substances. Some of the benefits include:

The Benefits of Chili for Health

The Benefits of Chili for Health

1. Lose Weight

Recent medical research has shown that capsaicin content, dihydrocapsiate, help increase energy expenditure for several hours after the consumption of food is chili. In addition, the sense of satiety, technically help the body stay in the weight loss plan to reduce overall caloric intake.

2. Make a Healthy Digestion

We all often heard complaints that spicy foods will bother your stomach or heartburn because it makes. In fact, many studies show that spicy Chili tlah really can prevent chronic indigestion, kill the bacteria the cause of peptic ulcers, intestinal Peristaltic function and the trigger didn't even cause acid reflux disease. The benefits of chili contains kapsikin that are capable of inducing microorganisms either on digestion meningkatjan absorption of nutrients for the metabolism.

3. Enhance Immunity

Served in Chile vitamin C to boost the immune system. In addition, the combination of vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C Red Pepper will help protect the body from various attacks of the disease. For example, cough and flu. Vitamin A can ward off infection such as in the nose, lungs, bladder, gastrointestinal tract, and veggies.

4. Overcoming Diabetes 

High insulin levels are directly related to the incidence of type 2 diabetes. This fact can be overcome by incorporating a 24% chili peppers regularly incorporated into food. The peptide also encourages the liver to make it more capable of against excess insulin in the presence of chili.

5. Reduce Pain 

Topical capsaicin is now a recognized treatment options for osteoarthritis pain. Some studies seem to relieve the pain evaluation list benefits of topical capsaicin for pain relief associated with disabling conditions.

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