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How to Quickly Treat Red Eyes Disease


How to Quickly Treat Red Eyes Disease

Red eyes can be caused by several factors such as irritation, infection, dust or even cuts. The most important time of the red eye is to refrain is not menguceknya and find a cure.

Do you guys feel free to use the drug on the market, there is another alternative that is much more secure i.e. 10 how to treat sore eyes red and belekan without drugs. Who knows just fit and really strong.

Red eye is a phenomenon whereby excessive phlegm or mucus eye due to infection or inflammation of the eye. Usually belekan because of the thick mucus and a lot out at night so that sufferers will be hard to open your eyes in the morning. Because of the distracting, so a lot of people who know about eye pain medication belekan.

Pain medicine belekan eye really depends on the cause of sore eyes belekan. There are various causes of sore eyes belekan which will be discussed in this article anyway. Now, let you guys see what pain medication belekan eyes and how what you can do to cope with this disease is annoying.

1. avoid the things that cause an allergic reaction in the eye

One of the causes of eye belekan is an allergic reaction in the eyes of you. Typically, the belekan appear on the Allergic eye diseases are not sekental and not sekuning or color sehijau eye belekan due to infection by germs. Belekan pain medication because of allergy it is best to avoid substances or things that make you guys eye allergies. The things that make eye Allergies (allergens) can originate from anywhere, for example dust, appliance or substance of makeup, soaps, powders, and more. Notice the pattern when the eyes you guys become itchy and watery to help you guys find an allergen on the eyes.

2. Don't be too often do not wear eye drops medications

Wear eye drops medications can cure belekan eyes or red eyes. However, some specific remedy should not be worn too often without a clear purpose. The wearing of eye drops can be used continuously contain only includes homemade. Avoid buying eye medications containing antibiotics, ' red eyes ' bleach and corticosteroids without a prescription. These drugs do not also wears a period without a prescription. This can lead to eye inflammation in the long term and even cause blindness when used for a long period of time without a clear purpose.

3. don't scratch your eyes

Touching and scratching of the eye that is being belekan is not at all recommended. Why? The number one cause of eye belekan is caused by an infection in the eye. When you touch your eyes, then it's quite possible that germs from one eye will move with the eyes. Touching and rubbing my eyes that belekan can also aggravate eye infection process was mentioned. When you want to clean the eye of belek, you guys are doing by using a cloth dipped in hot water. Paste in your eyes, while the rubbed gently, then wash the fabric.

How to Quickly Treat Red Eyes Disease

How to Quickly Treat Red Eyes Disease

1. natural treatment with garlic

Garlic is indeed a lot of functions, not only for seasoning dishes but also as a herbal remedy for many diseases, one of which is sore eyes.

Garlic is used to treat sore eyes is actually quite easy but prudence is necessary. First wash the garlic so clean and pat dry. Then use a soft, clean towel so the garlic stays hygienic washable (awake net).

Cut the ends of the garlic and apply garlic cut in the lower eyelid area. For women who often use eyeliner, more or less about the same way.

Once silenced, you will feel a sharp pain on the eyes you guys are to be pulled out of the water. If out of the water, applying the same again, remember don't overdo it enough 2 times the brand only.

Because how to treat sore eyes red and belekan this can cause pain and quite annoying, it's worth doing when you guys were about to sleep so that everyday activities you guys not so inhibited.

2. the benefits of honey for the eyes

Benefits of honey are very diverse, the one that can be used to cure red eyes or belekan easy and without drugs. Pure honey is used for eye area three times a day to belekan eyes are healthy again.

How to treat sore eyes and belekan very easy because you don't need to make any herb, pretty with honey only. Before the honey used, the area to be treated must be cleared in advance with the abolition of the use of cotton that has been dipped with lukewarm water.

So dirt can be removed and treatment of the eyes can be optimized. When using a cotton swab, do not repeatedly remove it in the eyes of pain, but rather time broom cotton each one.

If you still need to be cleaned, use a cotton swab and dip back with warm water. Cotton that is used many times can make the dirt spread to other areas of the eye on you guys.

3. betel leaf

In addition to garlic, betel leaves can also be used to treat sore eyes naturally, of course with the proper process. Here's how easy enough that is using three pieces of betel leaves and wash it off first.

The betel leaves are boiled with water until boiling, then raised the water of the betel leaves and cold. If it feels cold, strain the boiled Water using a tea strainer to retrieve the crystal clear water of the Sari.

Furthermore you folks stay betel use water that is already filtered to wash the eye area is ill. In addition the use of this natural remedy will be meneteskannya on the eyes like using eye drops.

Heem passable felt stung bener like diputusin girlfriend hahahaa. Oh yes remember also, don't overdo the betel leaf: to wear can compromise the health of the eyes.

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