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How to Treat a Cough Phlegm So Naturally


How to Treat a Cough Phlegm So Naturally

How to treat a cough and dry cough phlegm so naturally with Herbal Potions this article is continued from a previous article entitled "causes and how to treat a cough naturally with Herbal Potions". Why am I writing this article? The answer is because it has two types of cough i.e. There is cough and dry cough, phlegm so that of course the way the pengobatannyapun are slightly different.

As usual, before discussing how to handle things, we will discuss whatever be the cause of dry cough and cough phlegm so. And to know that sema, yuk we read further!

Buddy knows not, turns out to be one of the causes of cough phlegm so that is caused by the presence of inflammation or an inflammation in the respiratory tract. But respiratory inflammation can also trigger the onset of dry cough phlegm so/not. Cough phlegm so caused by the existence of problems in the upper respiratory tract. There are 5 things that can become a cause of coughing phlegm so include:

1. Respiratory Inflammation (Inflammatory)
Causes of coughing phlegm so that the first due to a respiratory inflammation that can trigger the onset of cough and cough no phlegm so phlegm so.

2. Cigarette smoke, Fumes and vehicle Pollution
Cough phlegm so it can also be caused by cigarette smoke, fumes and vehicle pollution, therefore, take away the smoke from around where you live. If you want to get out of the House, always wear a mask

3. Infection In Respiratory Tract
The cause of the next due to an infection of the respiratory tract caused by bad bacteria or viruses

4. Flu overload
Excessive flu is one of the causes why you cough phlegm so bisaterkena. To reduce cough, you can keep your body warm.

5. Increased stomach acid
Although in most cases is rare, but it turns out that the increased stomach acid can trigger the onset of coughing phlegm so that stubborn

How to Treat a Cough Phlegm So Naturally

1. Plant the ginger and Ginger should be kencurMengapa? Because ginger contains anti-bakteridan can warm the body in addition can also treat cough phlegm so. For those of you who are now being stricken with cough, phlegm so try drinking ginger warm water at least once a day.

To make the herb ginger and galingale way quite easily, that is, first you must give as much ginger 2 finger secukupya and kaempferia galanga flavor. After that the sliced ginger and galingale, then boiled with water to taste. After that strain the boiled water ginger and galingale, and you drink, at least 1 day.

2. Lime in mixture of honey or kecapJeruk Wedges if mixed with soy sauce or honey long has believed to be powerful in treating cough phlegm so. How to provide 1 or to taste the Orange nips, then cut into two parts.

After that squeeze the lemon and then mix it with soy sauce. Next you drink 2-3 times a day. For those of you who don't like soy sauce, you can replace it with honey

3. Betel leaf and JaheSeperti that we know that the betel leaf did have a million benefits. For example, can be used to treat "how to treat the natural whiteness" etc. In addition, it turns out that betel leaves can also serve as a remedy for overcoming cough phlegm so.

The trick with the boiling of betel leaf to taste then mix with pieces of ginger. After rebusannya drinking water at least 1 x/day, the goal is to keep the body warm and healthy.

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