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Mild Stroke Symptoms and Responses


Mild Stroke Symptoms and Responses

A stroke is a disease characterized by disorders of the brain working system that the cause is due to the blood flow to the brain is experiencing the problem. Causes of stroke that is caused because of 2 things, that is, because the blood vessels that are experiencing clogging, and second because it causes blood vessels to rupture.

Usually parents who have experienced stroke is characterized by the presence of hardening on the blood vessels and fatty buildup in blood vessels. and stroke occur in teens, as well as in productive age is usually caused due to use of illegal drugs, experience stress and patterns of living less well, drink beverages containing alcohol and also due to hereditary factors.
Mild Stroke symptoms and the response is:

-- The occurrence of a disorder in one or both eyes, and included double vision and blindness temporary experience.
-- Experience dizziness or headaches, confused and too weak
-- Difficulty talking, and talking with a chaotic intonation.
-- Cannot run or ataxia
-- Experience loss of consciousness or loss of memories with all of a sudden
-- It is difficult to coordinate the hand and arm
-- Weak and also paralyzed on one side of the body

Mild Stroke symptoms and responses that must be done is to do the examination to the doctor. Because this is a sign of a threat that is at the same time provides an opportunity for you to experience a stroke. Referred to as a threat because as a sign of the existence of a case of severe stroke risk in the future.

Mild Stroke symptoms and responses to do is perform the examination of symptoms, usually the doctor will also ask some questions one is your medical history. And including if you have had a stroke, because of the risk of experiencing high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, smoking, and as a result of heart disease. In addition to the mild Stroke symptoms and treatment is to do a physical examination that includes neurological examination that can evaluate the level of consciousness, sensation and function can also determine the cause, location, and also the level of stroke.

The doctor usually will also evaluate the airway, and also the respiratory system and blood circulation and other vital signs. Perform inspection in the head, and also the extremities and checks that can help to determine the cause of the stroke, and then rule out other conditions that can produce the same symptoms of a stroke.

Mild Stroke symptoms and the response by ensuring it disease usually causes a mild stroke, your doctor will ask you to do the MRI examination or other Checks CT. does is check the condition of the heart and blood circulation by doppler, MRA, and also did some x-ray the heart if it is indeed possible to do.

Mild Stroke symptoms and the response is to do prevention. Mild stroke is one of the types of diseases that can be prevented. The key is to apply a pattern of healthy living as one of the best and natural way to help prevent a stroke. And if you have a healthy body, you will be spared from diseases that can trigger a stroke. For example, are some of the factors that can trigger the trigger stroke as a disease of hypertension or diabetes. And if you have problems with high blood pressure, then we recommend batasilah Your salt intake and do sports regularly as a form of mild Stroke symptoms and responses.

So too with those suffering from diabetes, You should limit your intake of sugar and carbohydrates. For smokers usually have a greater risk of experiencing bouts of illness in syroke. And it doesn't hurt if you start making a change in the pattern of life is getting better if you want to get more effective handling strokes again.

In addition to implementing the poa life handling is good and healthy, stroke is done by providing education for yourself and others how dangerous the disease stroke. Because once a person experiencing a stroke, then someone is usually also a major stroke risk mendnerita kakmbuhan. And besides, too much once a stroke patient has recovered but usually they are experiencing symptoms of recurrent stroke. Mild Stroke symptoms and responses to do well not only the course of rehabilitation.

And Stroke Symptoms are mild and responses have already experienced before is to do a preventative action. The basis of this precaution is also not much different from doing a stroke disease prevention in General. Someone who has never experienced the previous strokes will usually be easier because they already know what the trigger factor of penyak stroke. For example if the sufferer is experiencing high blood pressure to trigger symptoms of a mild stroke. and if it is returned, then the blood pressure should be maintained so as not to trigger a stroke.

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