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10 Wonderful Benefits of Banana


10 Wonderful Benefits of Banana 

The banana is a fruit that is often found in Indonesia. Banana fruit easily reach all places and with a relatively affordable price. Banana fruit suitable as a dessert. Consuming bananas routinely turns out the many benefits of bananas for a healthy body.

The health benefits that can be gained from consuming bananas include lowering the risk of cancer, asthma, lower blood pressure and improve heart health. Details of nutrition medium banana (126 g) is considered a serving. One serving of bananas contains 110 calories, 30 grams protein, 1 gram carbohydrate. In addition, bananas provide a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Banana fruit consumed by pregnant women to help grow flowers of the fetus. This is because bananas contain nutrients such as potassium and folic acid, too. Bananas helps the body to store reserves of calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen, which serves to build the repair and regeneration of tissue in the body.

10 Wonderful Benefits of Banana

1. launch the blood circulation.
Bananas contain potassium is good for the blood circulation. Potassium content helps to regulate blood pressure. Press stroke risks that cause symptoms of heart disease.

2. Source of energy.
The content of carbohydrates contained in bananas can be a source of energy for the body. Consumes 2 bananas a day, can boost the immune system and adds energy to perform daily activities.

3. Help digestion in the intestine.
 The fiber contained in bananas is very good to reduce the risk of constipation. No need to use a laxative, fruit consumption of bananas. Mix the bananas with a glass of milk, helps to reduce the risk of bowel disease as dangerous damaging symptoms of colon cancer. Bananas used to fight inflammation because the process can be accelerated with vitamin c in fruit bananas.

4. Maintain Eye Health.
Benefits of banana helps maintain eye health. Bananas have a number of vitamin A is fat-soluble and is very important to protect your eyes. Maintain the membrane that surrounds the eye and is a component of one of the proteins that brings light into the cornea. Sufficient vitamin A intake also reduces the risk of blindness and is very important for vision everyday.

5. Lose Weight.
Benefits of banana fruit to lose weight. For those who have problems with weight, then with the terms routinely consume bananas to help lose weight. This is because, bananas have calories is relatively small.

6. Improve brain health.
By eating regularly and as much as 3 times a day as a dessert.

7. Normalize Liver Function.
Consuming bananas before breakfast every day, will add to the nutrients that the body supports liver function. Banana has a lot of minerals called electrolytes potassium. When potassium gets into the body, it will go directly into the bloodstream through the walls of the intestine. Potassium run around the cells throughout the body and dissolve in the fluid of the cell.

8. Treat Acne.
How to use banana fruit to treat acne, first mash banana flesh of the fruit is ripe. And then apply it on the face skin acne. Let it stick to the face for a few minutes and then clean using water. Repeat this step for several days until the pimple is gone and the skin becomes clean.

9. Addressing Diabetes.
For people who suffer from diabetes, by consuming the banana region of Gorontalo i.e. goroho steamed and mixed with grated young coconut can be used as additional food for diabetics.

10. Healthy Bones.
Bananas consume on a regular basis can serve to help nourish the bone. This is because the fruit, the banana is a fruit that has a high manganese content.

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