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How to Prevent and Treat a Cold Naturally


How to Prevent and Treat a Cold Naturally

The rainy season is making a lot of my friends are exposed to diseases, ranging from colds, flu, coughs, until cold. Although the trivial, the cold may not let you guys for granted, because there are many cold cases result in death. Therefore, we recommend that if you are experiencing a cold soon to be treated.

Cold work, overtime work, stay up late, sleep deprivation, lack of rest, plus not keeping cold food intake, it is quite easy to attack. This disease is very often attacked when the rainy season or pancaroba. In Indonesia itself, the public usually eliminates the cold way of massage vibrating tool.

Not only is the Weather turn cold, but it can also cause other symptoms are bad for your health as well as flatulence. For those of you who are less like a drug, then you can use natural means in preventing at the same time cope with the arrival of the incoming wind and flatulence. You can use the material you guys such as ginger, lemon and honey to cope with cold symptoms.

How to Prevent Colds

1. To avoid lingering in the night

One of the causes of the many cold experienced by someone who is traveling at night. A different time of the day or in the morning, the wind this evening is not good for health because it can lower the body's resistance because of the uterine arangnya acid substances. In addition to the night wind tends to cool so it's not good for the health of the body. This is why the night journey should be avoided.

For those of you who have to go out at night because there are important matters and then using a thick jacket to avoid night breeze greeted the body as langsug. For the head, you can use a helmet and shoes on the feet and masks to avoid the presence of substances or disease that allows entry into your body.

2. Limit the consumption of ice

Eating a lot of ice that can cause cold-especially when the weather does not support the middle of the case. A period of weather for example. This season many people experience pain because of the durability of their body that is weak. Eating ice is especially in the middle of the day when terik-teriknya, can indeed reduce the thirst on the body but you still have to limit your consumption so as not to overload.

Other things to watch for ice eating is not allowed to buy it arbitrarily. This is due to the number of rogue traders who make ice their sale as a product using materials that bad is good health. In addition to the container that is used as a place of ice is also not hygienic so that not only is not only dangerous but there was no place in the same dangerous. Up to now it has found a plurality of persons is not responsible for the use of the glass place ice hygienic because it's not washed until clean. In addition, many traders who sold ice comes from raw water contains harmful substances that much without going through the process of maturation of the first water.

Avoid ice consumtion which is not healthy, You can make your own at home. Use of materials as well as cleans the ice, ice-making you safer for consumption.

How to Prevent and Treat a Cold Naturally

How to Treat Flu Naturally

Overcoming cold remedy must not forever. You can eliminate cool naturally. There are many natural cold remedy that is very powerful. Here are a few ways to cure a cold that you can try.

1. eucalyptus oil

I'm sure you guys already know for sure of eucalyptus oil. Yup, this one has oil aroma therapists are pretty cool, very suitable to relieve nasal congestion. In addition, it turns out that the warm sensation it gives also to tackle bloated stomach due to the cold.

You can treat a cold with eucalyptus oil rub evenly into the abdomen, the neck, the back of the neck, legs and other parts. Don't forget to give the massage gently for 5 minutes to allow the oil seep.

2. use onion and garlic

This is a traditional cold remedies for children, in addition to eucalyptus oil. You can soften the shallots, then apply it evenly to the abdomen, chest, neck and small. Red Onion is able to excrete excessive wind in the body, blood circulation, and warms the body.

For you, a teenager or an adult, already use garlic. In contrast with red onion, white contains alicin higher compounds that act as natural antibiotics and antioxidants. Here's how you can eat (raw) or integrate it in cooking.

3. hot chicken soup

In addition to delicious, chicken soup turned out to be too strong for treating cold because the cold. Normally when cold attacks the tongue will taste bitter when consuming foods like rice and bread. Now when the appetite is reduced here is you can eat chicken soup is savory and delicious.

So happy was getting maximum in coping with the cold, you can add the super spicy chili sauce, pepper or pepper. This additional seasoning will make the body sweat, so cold at any time will heal by itself. Once full, you can rest soundly throughout the day.

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